Friday, January 25, 2008

Embedded Report crashing

I begun feeling the smell of WPF few weeks ago. I'm developing an application where we need reports, of course. Misteriously I noticed my report crashing on the second run. It works OK when I run it for the first time, but if I navigate back to the application and try to run the report again, I get a "nice" FatalExecutionEngineError with a code = 0xc0000005
Search the 'net deperately but no success until I tested with the same report but no data within. I noticed it worked OK if no data is loaded.
Well, I decided to test more: I created a blank report and called it from my code; all worked fine i was able to go to the report and back as many times as I wanted.
Cool, a small step forward. I added some simple labels and all continues to work.
It stopped working when I passed the parameters. Strange enough but as i don't have too much times I droped the parameters and let it run. I send the data in the DataSet.

However today my report stopped working.
The cause seems to be a field with the value set to the expression =Right(TimeValue(Fields!Date.Value), 10)

what is wrong with this ? the date field is a Date...maybe I'll never know. I just passed it from outside as a string and display directly.

But the problems with the rdlc reports don't end now. I wanted a simple pageNumber , when I added this in the future the report start crashing again on the second run.

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